Gentle Healing

Gentle Healing
Trust in the Universe

Monday, 1 July 2013

Working with Parkinson's

I find that learning about different conditions can help me with my work.
I work with people who suffer from different conditions including Parkinson's.
It is not often mentioned that Parkinson's can cause pain.  This is often caused through the muscles and bones in the body being forced into intense positions.  This can cause long term injury or overuse of muscles.  People who suffer from Parkinson's can suffer from pain such as tingling and aching limbs. They can suffer from back and neck problems, these can be caused from bad posture.

We can help others feel more comfortable just by knowing about their condition. We can also help  by being sensitive to their verbal and physical reactions.
Remember, Michael J Fox says he is a very 'Lucky Man'.

Reflexology Research & Study

I decided to have a look at some courses on Reflexology, and found out that I could get an ITEC in Reflexology, which I could do in London. I will have to save up a bit first as they can be expensive.  I applied for a Reflexology course in my area, but they never had enough students to fill the classes.
Once I find the course for me I will start studying. I may do a day course first. Just asking the Universe for a bit of help with this so I get the right course sent to me.

I have been looking at Reflexology for sometime now and have some information I would like to share with you before it goes onto my website...

In Reflexology, different parts of the foot relate to different parts of the body. Pressure is applied to the foot in these different areas in order to release blockages in the body and maintain good health.
There is also Hand Reflexology which works the same way, and Face Reflexology.  I would like to learn all of these. I have received Reflexology myself and found it really relaxing.

I remember learning about the glands in the body when I took part in a healing group. I also remember learning about the different parts of the body.

I cant wait to learn more, It will be lovely to become more involved in helping people to maintain their health.