Gentle Healing

Gentle Healing
Trust in the Universe

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Move and Groove...We love Fitness!!

Fitness is also good for the spirit and the soul. I go to a Zumba class  and  Linedancing classes. The best way to keep fit is to find a class you enjoy. If you have problems with your fitness, it is always best to tell the teacher before you start the class. Pilates is especially good for the back, as it strengthens the core muscles ( stomach muscles ).  Dancing is a fun way of keeping fit.
The below video is of a few basic steps from 'Zumba fitness', we have learnt some of these steps, but we don't look as fit as

This lady below, talks about how Pilates can help strengthen the back, I will be putting further info about this on my future blog posts and also on my website. I have been doing pilates classes and find it is a good way of keeping our stomach muscles flat and toned. The breathing techniques are very important and you must learn them before you do any of the Pilates moves. Always take the class at your own pace and do what you can do...

Now back to the fun stuff! I know the 'Electric Slide' dance. Its really fun and this guy looks like hes enjoying teaching it...

As you can see, Line dancing is repetitive, this makes it easy to learn. It can also be danced to really popular music, so its not all country style stuff. Its another dance class where you can work at your own pace too and there are lots of variations to each step, so its up to you which ones you choose to use.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Michael Sobell Vintage Fair - Good for the Spirit!

I visited the Vintage fair with my friends from the 'Coffee Pot', not a bunch of coffee lovers, but social lites who enjoy all sorts of activities including, shopping, dancing and eating...great company for a visit to a vintage fair.  With a combination of good friends, food, dancing, music and vintage clothing, how could we go wrong?

We ate cupcakes, watched Jive Swing and browsed through a collection of bargain priced vintage clothes and jewellery, not forgetting the vintage cars.

We also had the opportunity to get our own treasures valued.
I really enjoyed watching the 'Joy of Vintage Fashion Show' there were some beautiful dresses and bags.
The Jive Swing Dance Demo looked fun, lots of people learning to dance and really getting into the spirit of things.

A simple combination of good entertainment made my day. It was good for the spirit, and a tonic for the soul!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Deal or no Deal - Mind or Matter?

I have been watching 'Deal or no Deal' for some time now, and occasionally try to guess whats in the box before it is opened...I can sometimes get the amount right.  I also have a strong feeling that tells me what is in the box at the end of the game.  Many people say the game is all down to luck, others would say fate plays a  part in the end results. I have seen contestants who have had a positive outlook all the way through the game and win a big amount. Maybe the mood of the contestant counts?  Other contestants have known that they are going to win and have won a big amount and beat the banker. I really do think that we all have a certain amount of telepathy within us and that it is stronger in some of us than others.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Did Andy Murray experience the 'Snowball Affect' ?

Andy Murray lost in the match with Rafael Nadal, but was this all due to the mind?  Murray played the first part of the match well, but further down the line, his level of play dropped.
Viewers could see that he was missing straight shots and trying harder every time he lost a game.

Trying too hard can lead to the build up of negative thoughts in the mind creating what is known as 'The Snowball Affect.'  Its like a snowball gathering snow (thoughts in the mind).  If we pay too much attention to our negative thoughts this can lead to further mistakes and cause the situation to become stressful.  This is what is called a 'negative mind set' so in order to stop this mind set we need a plan of action.  What do we do in these situations? Remember we create our own thoughts. Thoughts are just thoughts and only thoughts. When we hear a negative thought it is best not to pay too much attention to it, just let it pass through your mind.  We all know that often one thought leads to another and another and another...this is 'The Snowball Affect.' If we become aware of our first negative thought we can often stop the next one by saying a phrase to distract the mind, such as "Here I go again" and then letting the thought flow through our mind. This takes practise, but does work in time. There are also meditations that can help with the negative mind set.

Watching the game I did wonder, did Murray experience 'The Snowball Affect' whilst playing against Nadal?