Gentle Healing

Gentle Healing
Trust in the Universe

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Reflexology with Alternative Training Solutions

I arrived at the Shrubbery Hotel in Somerset and received a warm welcome, i also got upgraded to a bigger room. The hotel was only a few minutes away from the course venue. Once i arrived and settled in i decided to visit Glastonbury where i meditated with thanks at the Godess Temple.

The next day I drove to the venue where i would be taking a Reflexology course for the weekend. The venue was in a small close in Shepton Mallet run by Alternative Training Solutions. The course would give me a Diploma in Reflexology under the Beauty Guild. I arrived to be greeted by my tutor, Lucy.  The training was informal and friendly, Lucy had arranged for several models for me to work on during the course. The training was very insightful, i was taught about the human body and how it functioned and where the pressure points were on the feet.  It was also really interesting working on different people. I really enjoyed the course. I now have a Diploma in Reflexology. Of course I will need lots of feet to practice if anyone would like some free Reflexology please contact me. Thanks to Lucy for being such a friendly and informative Tutor and to The shrubbery Hotel for my comfortable stay.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Taster Day in Reflexology and Massage

I attended a Taster Day in Ruislip which was run by the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine.  We were given information about their courses in Reflexology and Massage, there was also a business course available.

We were taught the practical skills of Massage and Refloxology. We practiced reflexology and Massage on one another by following step by step verbal and practical instructions from the Tutor.  The Tutor also demonstrated Reflexology and massage to show us the techniques involved such as Thumb Walking.

I really enjoyed the day. I felt at ease whilst practicing the Reflexology and although it sounds strange...I felt a real connection with the feet.
It was relaxing receiving the Reflexology and Massage. I went home feeling like I could go to sleep.

The Tutor was very compassionate about her work and explaned her experiences of being a Complimentary Therapist with excitement and enthusiasm. She explaned how it felt to work with the public giving the negatives and positives.

What an enlightening day, thankyou MSCM and Windmill Studios.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sharing Reiki @ Pychic Events

What an enlightening evening. Psychic Events have some very gifted people working for them. I am pleased to be a part of their team.
I was able to meet with Theresa Tee who is a Psychic, Spiritual Healer, Medium and Clairvoyant. Anne Gard is a Tarot Reader. They also held  free demonstrations involving the Event Organiser Chris Forster Clairvoyant  and Michael Wysockyj Psychic.
There was also a lovely lady who came to share her Massage and Natural remedies.

It was a beautiful  experience sharing Reiki with others. I always learn such alot from the energy that comes through. There were some vibrant colours in the energy last night. These colours can be so useful for the Client. I will be writing more about Chakras and Colour Therapy soon. Thankyou so much to Chris for inviting me along. Also to those of you who made it possible for me to share Reiki with you.
I hope it was helpful to you.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Reiki & Chakras

Reiki works to clear blockages within your Chakras, this maintains well being.
Chakras are energy centres throughout your body.

Each Chakra connects to a different part of your body...

A Drop of Reiki @ Psychic Events

I will be giving Reiki at Psychic Events on 23rd June and 7th July.
Please come along and Receive a half hour treatment for just £10.
I will also be learning Reflexology this August. 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Website Is Offline

Hi all, my website is now down. I will be updating it shortly. I will do my best to put all information on this blog instead. All event dates and plans will be recorded on here in future.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mind Body Spirit Fayre Watersmeet

Visited the Mind Body Spirit Fayre at Watersmeet today. Connected with Paula Rose Reiki and Chrystal healer. I met Paula previously at the Duck Pond Market in Ruislip. I have a lovely braclet from her which helps me with protection and grounding work.
I also received some Reflexology from Andrea Harris..very relaxing.

I bought some Chakra bowls from Ayurlndia, they are different colours to represent the different Chakras, i was looking to buy these for a while and also found my Archangel Michael which has beautiful Chakra stones running down his centre.

It was lovely connecting with everyone.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Reiki & Colour Therapy

I gave a session of Reiki today, it was an interesting experience. I was guided to work around the stomach which relates to the Solar Plexus Chakra. The session lasted about 30 minutes,  I felt I needed to work for longer,  but i am always guided to do short sessions over a long period of time. I feel that this person needs balance in their life, physically and mentally. At the end of the session I asked for a colour to give to the person in order to protect them and help them to maintain their health. I was given the colour gold, it was a beautiful bright golden colour. I was also given green and purple. I protected the person in the main

I was amazed that the person I practiced on said they saw colours during the session and the colours were gold, purple and green. They had digestive problems which relate to the Solar Plexus. Gold or yellow is the colour relating to the Solar Plexus and therefore this colour is used to heal the stomach area.

Colour Therapy can be useful to this person if they wear an item of clothing such as a scarf or a piece of jewellery in gold or yellow.
Citrine can be worn or carried to improve the energy levels in the body.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A Drop of Reiki @ Psychic Events

I will be joining Psychic Events @ the Travellers Rest on Tuesday 27th January between 6.30pm and 10pm. Please join me for some Reiki. There will also be Card Readers and you may be able to purchase Chrystals. Its just £3 entry.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Duckpond Market

I visited the Duckpond Market today and met Paula Rose who is a Chrystal Healer and Reiki Master. This interests me, as I would like to learn about how to work with chrystals. I discovered Paula Rose on Twitter.  Paula is also a teacher of Chrystal healing. We had a lovely chat and I bought some jewellery to help me with my protection and grounding techniques.

I also met Yewande Rolph who is the business owner of Natural Fragrance co ltd.  Yewande gave me a lovely hand massage with avacardo butter.  She is also a massages feet.  I bought some lemon grass oil from Yewande for space clearing. We had a nice chat and it was lovely connecting with her.

I could eat all this lemon Meringue Fudge, its yummy from Jamilicious mmmm..  I had a lovely morning and did lots of networking.

Oh..and there was also a few beautiful owls at the entrance, sgame I didnt take any pics.

Thanks to you all. Well enjoyed.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Happy new year everyone,  thankyou for all your support in creating this blog and to those who have experienced a drop of reiki. I have many plans for 2015...keep reading...bless you all x