Gentle Healing

Gentle Healing
Trust in the Universe

Monday, 4 November 2013

Daisy Vortex Meditation

I took part in a meditation when i stayed at the Daisy Centre in Glastonbury. It was so relaxing and peaceful. I believe that when we meditate in a group the energy is stronger and so, easier to relax the mind. This meditation was talked through by a friend of Daisys. The Angels and elemants were called in and singing bowls were used. The singing bowls can create a calm mind. The calm mind is created through focussing the mind on the sound of the bowl. Bringing the mind back to the present moment of peace and harmony.


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Angel Card Readings

Im loving giving Angel card readings as its interesting to see what kind of cards are revealed for each person. The Angels always surprise me with their messages. I am looking forwards to doing more in the future. I have a new pack of cards which i would like to use called Enchanted Map. Im just getting comfortable with these cards, they were a buy in Glastonbury.

Reiki Gift

I get some lovely messages and feelings when I give Reiki. I sometimes feel huge amounts of love and peace. I am often given messages or colours to mention to the receiver. I am given hints that lead me towards infomation about a persons well being. For example, i may get a thought about a certain part of the body or a feeling. Sometimes i am given a message that is so strong that i have to pass it to the receiver. These things dont always happen, but i always love working with Reiki as the experience is different everytime.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Glastonbury Trip at Daisy Retreat

I had a lovely couple of days in Glastonbury. I stayed at the Daisy Centre where I had a peaceful time and met some lovely people. The Daisy Centre always make me feel so welcome. I received several spiritual messages from the Angel Awakening cards, as they were left in my room and at breakfast.

The Daisy Centre has several rooms named after the Arch Angels. I stayed in Raphaels room. Raphael is a healing angel.
The Daisy Centre also has a sanctuary where they hold meditations, this room has a lovely peaceful feel to it and is nice to relax in.

I also enjoy Glastonbury for the shops and the friendly atmosphere. This visit had me experiencing some healing and massage. I also got to chat with and meet some new people. I must make my stay longer next time. Thanks Daisy and Glastonbury for the peaceful stay.

Glastonbury Hidden Well Experience

I visited the Hidden Well in Glastonbury and received a massage with hot stones, natural oils and healing. The Healing cleared my mind and the massage relaxed my body. I also had a lemon tea and a chat with Veronica of the Hidden Well. Thankyou for the massage and chat Veronica.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Medieval Festival Ruislip

I visited the Medieval Festival this morning and found it quite interesting. Its good to see the local community coming together. There were lots of things to look at and crafts to take part in. A good place to bring the children to, as it was very entertaining.

I thought the history of the Manor farm where the Medieval Festival was held was particularly interesting. The Manor Farm House Museum was full of information about the restoration of the buildings on the Farm. There were details on how the age of the buildings were researched, this was done by counting the rings in the wood of which the buildings were built from. I was fascinated to find that they discovered honey comb in the walls of one of the buildings. They also had found an original piece of one of the holy caskets, which depicted an angel holding a sword.

The community dress up to demonstrate Medieval history of the Manor, selling produce and showing weapons from the Medieval times. They have a Medieval encampment and demonstrate Medieval battles. If the farming interests you, they also have original farming equipment displayed in one of the barns.

My friends had a display for the local shows, as they take part in the plays in the local theatres. Overall it was a fun morning, very social, entertaining and educational.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Working with Parkinson's

I find that learning about different conditions can help me with my work.
I work with people who suffer from different conditions including Parkinson's.
It is not often mentioned that Parkinson's can cause pain.  This is often caused through the muscles and bones in the body being forced into intense positions.  This can cause long term injury or overuse of muscles.  People who suffer from Parkinson's can suffer from pain such as tingling and aching limbs. They can suffer from back and neck problems, these can be caused from bad posture.

We can help others feel more comfortable just by knowing about their condition. We can also help  by being sensitive to their verbal and physical reactions.
Remember, Michael J Fox says he is a very 'Lucky Man'.

Reflexology Research & Study

I decided to have a look at some courses on Reflexology, and found out that I could get an ITEC in Reflexology, which I could do in London. I will have to save up a bit first as they can be expensive.  I applied for a Reflexology course in my area, but they never had enough students to fill the classes.
Once I find the course for me I will start studying. I may do a day course first. Just asking the Universe for a bit of help with this so I get the right course sent to me.

I have been looking at Reflexology for sometime now and have some information I would like to share with you before it goes onto my website...

In Reflexology, different parts of the foot relate to different parts of the body. Pressure is applied to the foot in these different areas in order to release blockages in the body and maintain good health.
There is also Hand Reflexology which works the same way, and Face Reflexology.  I would like to learn all of these. I have received Reflexology myself and found it really relaxing.

I remember learning about the glands in the body when I took part in a healing group. I also remember learning about the different parts of the body.

I cant wait to learn more, It will be lovely to become more involved in helping people to maintain their health.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Travel Experience with Just You

I went to Malaga with 'Just You' who are a travel company for single travellers ( People who travel alone).  It was something I had wanted to do for a while, but never quite had the courage or the budget.  I finally went last May and although the weather wasn't as warm as we would of liked, it was still fun.  We visited all sorts of different places, we stayed in Mijas Hotel. I went with Just You because I wanted to travel independently and meet new friends.  I will book again with them next year. Its the beginning of my travel experiences, I want to visit as  much of the world as possible. I met some really nice people, they were so friendly and we had a fantastic time.

Me in Malaga soaking up the little bit of sun there was, there was a bit of a wind factor. The views were spectacular.
Above is Gina our guide, she was telling us all about the local area and also the history of some of the places we visited.

Above, they still use animals to help them work, the streets are very narrow, and traffic is not supposed to drive down them.
Above, my travelling friends and I. It was a cold day, wearing mac to keep out cold.
The beach we visit, really lovely weather, my favourite day, we had ice cream and walked around shops and had a paddle in the sea.

Not sure where I will go for my next trip. If you would like to know more you are welcome to visit my Travel Experience group on Facebook.. 


Thursday, 11 April 2013

My healing experience

Receiving healing today, i felt emotional. I had a safe space to relax and feel unconditional love. My body and mind felt floaty and relaxed. My healer listened and did not judge. The healing took a load off my mind and helped me to let go of negative emotions. Thankyou healer x

Sunday, 7 April 2013

R.I.P My Best Friends Dad. Always in our Hearts xx

I remember when I first met him, he was such a kind person, always joking and laughing. I used to go around to my best friends house every day and her parents and family were so lovely and supportive. My best friends Dad, was like family to me, I knew him for over 15 years and he never judged me and was always there for me. 

When he gave my friend and me a lift one day, he was joking with us on the way.  We had a good laugh about all sorts of things, he was so funny.  He talked to me about my dream to travel and told me to be careful, he was always more concerned about others than he was for himself.

I used to go to my friends house and he was always there in the kitchen and up all night, we used to have long chats and laughs.  My best friends family have always been such amazing support for me and I love them all. 

All the best to you lovely, RIP and remember you are always in our hearts. Cheers mate XXXX

Monday, 14 January 2013

My Nans Diary - Bert & I

Thought I would share my Nans story with you...

War started in 1939. In August 1942 I was called up and put in a amunitions factory in Sunbury, there I met Bert. Bert was 18, blond wth blue eyes, full of life, worked hard, earned little money, had a bike. He went to work on his bike every day. We worked six days a week.

I remember our first date, Saturday nite, winter time...

to be continued