Gentle Healing

Gentle Healing
Trust in the Universe

Sunday, 2 November 2014

I Remember

I remember when I lived in Glastonbury, driving from work back home and passing the Tor at night. It was a magical experience. Just to think, I only lived down the road from the Tor at the time.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Caregivers Receive a Free Drop of Reiki

Calling all Caregivers, I have a message for you all. We are helping others, but lets not forget about ourselves.  Reiki can help us to relax and recharge our batteries, helping us to feel better. Our work can be emotionally and physically challenging at times, but is very rewarding.  If we are feeling good it also helps our clients to feel positive too. I can give you a drop of reiki for free. Follow me on Twitter @HaleGoddess or see my website for details about Reiki healing. Get in touch :)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Whats Next?

Now I am back in London,  I am doing some research on crystal grids and protection. I will be giving a drop of reiki at public venues soon, just having a look at different fayres and charity events. Watch this blog or follow me on Twitter @HaleGoddess and I will let you know when you can come along and receive a drop of reiki. I am also doing card readings. Lots of other plans are also in the pipeline.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Spirited Sunday

We had a spirited Sunday at the Mind Body Spirit Festival. We were busy looking round when we heard the mesmerising voice of Anne Malone performing her Oasis of Sound on stage. Her voice was beautiful, conveyed in long flowing notes just like an instrument. Listen for yourself @ http : / / p438 ... just like the sound of a Singing Bowl.

The Crystal Singing Bowls were beautiful, the sound was amazing. We had a chat with the ladies from Crystal Singing Bowls Uk. 
They hold gatherings in which you can play your own bowl or choose to play one if theirs. They are beautiful bowls and produce a soothing sound @  they also have a Facebook page... Crystal Singing Bowls Uk.

I also bought some more Amethyst a book on crystal grids and some Amazing Space spray. I had a photo of my aura taken.
The only problem is I seem to of lost the other photo I had taken before, perhaps I will find it, then I can compare them both. What does it mean? Well, the left side is approaching energies and the right is my outer self. Green is healing and balance, and as it is on my left side it means I am having a change of heart. Violet means mystical and intuitive,  this being on my right side means I am imaginative and inspired.  Blue and white above my head are spirituality and inner peace, I am in touch with my feelings and giving and sharing. The photo is reversed, so the left side of the photo shows my right side and vice-versa

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Goddess Temple

I visited the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury to meditate and relax, release worries and stress. I received guidance and love through meditating. The temple is open to the public for free. Anyone can go along to the temple, just to sit quietly or meditate. Its a peaceful safe space to light a candle, say thanks and send out love and light. The Goddess will always be in my heart.

Mind Body Spirit

Im visiting the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London this Sunday, in the hope of getting some inspiration for the next step on my healing and career path. Its difficult not to be overwhelmed by the amount of exhibitors and information there will be, especially the free meditations and talks. I will be looking for some more cards and perhaps some more chrystals to add to my collection. Amethysts are my favourite as they make me feel protected.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Year of Change?

Here I am at my new home in Somerset. Its been such a spiritual and loving experience. It feels like home from home. I received an amazing farewell from friends in London and a warm welcome from everyone here in Somerset. Everything feels good. I want to send my thanks to everyone, as you have all been so supportive. I am still trying my best to bring things together with work. I know that if its supposed to work it will. I miss you all in London.

I had a lovely day today, walking around the shops. I met some new people. I always end up talking with people when I leave the house. I go to a meditation group regularly now and bump into people from the group in town, we always have a chat. Anyway, blessings to everyone in London and in Somerset xxx