Gentle Healing

Gentle Healing
Trust in the Universe

Thursday, 22 June 2017


I dont know where to start. Today I am feeling compelled to write about how the tragic tower fire made me feel. I have no idea why.
I guess I am only human and when I saw it, I could not control how strongly I felt about it. All those people died and peoples lives have changed greatly because of this tragedy. I am overwhelmed, so goodness knows how these people must feel.

It seems that this could have been avoided. Some how this makes me feel even more associated with what has happened. I can see this message so clearly...there are things that could have been done and were not. Its one of the clearest messages I have ever seen in society.

So I ask the question...why did it have to be so clear before any action was taken? I just have no words to explain how upset I am about what has happened. I feel it is a big sign of change and we will all learn from this.

Peace and love to everyone.
We are all involved in some way.

The battle for peace

Words can not explain how i feel
Life can be a tragic theme
Love conquers all

Love unites us
We are all as one
Love leads us
We are together
Together we help each other
We are all the same

People die
We fight for our beliefs
We fight for our people
We fight and unite
We fight for our lives and the lives of others
We fight for peace

Whilst we fight we unite
We create peace in our hearts
We create peace in each other
Peace is within us.

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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Theresa Caputo Healing

After reading Theresa Caputo's book, There's More to Life Than This,
I have discovered the way a medium can help to heal others.
Theresa says that Mediumship is a form of healing. At first, I did not understand how this could be. I always thought of healing as a way to maintain good health. Now though...I am starting to understand how a medium can build a bridge between the dead and the living. This can help the living to let go of guilty feelings and live their life fully with less burden, this also contributes to their well being.

Let me explain how. Theresa helps others by contacting their deceased loved ones. Some of the people Theresa gives readings for are very upset and have been holding guilty feelings on their shoulders for a very long time. These feelings are caused by situations involving the deceased loved one when they were alive.
The person recieving the reading could feel guilty or sad for a number of reasons...but most of unable to tell their deceased loved one about their feelings.
Therasa re-builds this bridge of communication, conveying positive messages from their deceased loved one...explaining that they have never left them...also that they understand how they feel and that it is ok to let go of the guilt and sadness they feel. This helps the living person to live their life to the full, this can lead to a much healthier positive life. This is a beautiful form of healing...connecting the living with the missing pieces in their lives and healing their soul.