Gentle Healing

Gentle Healing
Trust in the Universe

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Viewing Art

I was moved when viewing a film during a Study Day with the NHS. The short film was a collection of paintings created by patients who had taken part in Art Therapy.  The combination of art and music touched my emotions.  This experience shows that we could be viewing a work of art, or creating one, but we all get touched emotionally in some way.

Sharing our experiences bring us together and that is what makes us stronger and what helps our spirits to grow.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Art Therapy at the Nhs - Ginas' Art Therapy Story

This is an example of how Art Therapy is helping others within the NHS.  Just by drawing we are expressing our inner personal feelings. Expression helps us with our problems.  Art classes can be a way of building on our creative side and on our spirituality.

Art helps us to stay in the moment whilst creating and learning from one another. Many of us open up whilst taking part in Art Sessions.  Some of us find it meditative and this is also how it helps the spirit and mind to relax.