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Gentle Healing
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Monday, 4 July 2011

Did Andy Murray experience the 'Snowball Affect' ?

Andy Murray lost in the match with Rafael Nadal, but was this all due to the mind?  Murray played the first part of the match well, but further down the line, his level of play dropped.
Viewers could see that he was missing straight shots and trying harder every time he lost a game.

Trying too hard can lead to the build up of negative thoughts in the mind creating what is known as 'The Snowball Affect.'  Its like a snowball gathering snow (thoughts in the mind).  If we pay too much attention to our negative thoughts this can lead to further mistakes and cause the situation to become stressful.  This is what is called a 'negative mind set' so in order to stop this mind set we need a plan of action.  What do we do in these situations? Remember we create our own thoughts. Thoughts are just thoughts and only thoughts. When we hear a negative thought it is best not to pay too much attention to it, just let it pass through your mind.  We all know that often one thought leads to another and another and another...this is 'The Snowball Affect.' If we become aware of our first negative thought we can often stop the next one by saying a phrase to distract the mind, such as "Here I go again" and then letting the thought flow through our mind. This takes practise, but does work in time. There are also meditations that can help with the negative mind set.

Watching the game I did wonder, did Murray experience 'The Snowball Affect' whilst playing against Nadal?

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  1. Not fan with tennis but I like Nadal. haha!
    +cool ^__^