Gentle Healing

Gentle Healing
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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Local Events this Weekend

Invinity Event in Harrow

Yesterday I visited the 'Invinity Event' in Harrow.  Here I discovered some of the local mediums, healers and physchics.  The afternoon was very relaxing and I got talking to a Reiki healer.  There was also a ghost hunt,  several cameras were set up and were said to be filming orbs and different energies around the building. I was lucky enough to try a Reflexology treatment for the first time, which I found really relaxing.  I will learn more about Reflexology in the future. There were also some natural products and chrystals available to buy. I would like to thank the team for such an enlightening afternoon.

Mystic Craft & Holistic Fayre in South Oxhey

I visited the 'Mystic Craft & Holistic Fayre' today and enjoyed every minute of it.  There were therapists, phsychics and mediums. I had a chat with a lady who was selling hand made chrystal jewellery. She was telling me about how you can use chrystals as part of a cleansing technique to clear the rooms in your house. 
I often where the jewellery, to give me strength and protection, but I am just starting to learn more about how the precious stones can be used in our every day life.   A very interesting morning, thank you.

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